Dread of Laughter


About the game


Dread of Laughter is a survival horror game where the player has to  survive the attack of a serial killer. The game is still in early alpha,  but improving every day. Dread of Laughter is set to be released before  or during Halloween 2018. The game is set to be released on PC for  Steam and later for Xbox and PS4. Only by supporting our crowdfunding  you will also receive the game for free on PS4/Xbox One when the game  comes on console markets.

 You play as Catheryn Barnett. On your way to see your parents your  car dies down and you decide to cut through the forest to the town. You  think you know the way but it gets dark really quickly and you don't  know where you are...until you find a farm thinking you can call for  help but soon you realize you are being hunted by a serial killer

Your objective in Dread of Laughter is to survive the attack of a  serial killer who is lurking around the house trying to get to you as  well as completing objectives that will either help you or the killer?  Which objective is worth doing to save yourself? Only you can decide.

There is multiple ways to beat the game as well as multiple ways to  get killed. Every decision you make has to be made with care as you  never know what the killer has in store for you. Will you try and fix  the generator outside in the barn to get the lights working so you don't  have to rely on your flashlight? Or will you rather try and find the  phone jammer he has set to block your calls? Every decision you make  will change the course of the game. 

Dread of Laughter Gameplay and Features

A short video showing the alpha footage of Dread of Laughter's Gameplay and Features of the game